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Contractor Performance Management Software


Easily Automate and Evaluate the Contractors and Subcontractors performance

Federal, State and Local Governments require the agencies to evaluate vendor/supplier/contractor performance during the contract period of performance, under the procurement laws. They are to evaluate performance specific tasks committed, based on the type of contracts, such as General Services, Construction, A&E, etc.


Our software allows the agencies to meet their requirements by evaluating the performance with customizable evaluations, cumulative performance scores, and dashboards of the performance for the agency's management team.  



  • Web-based Contractor Performance Management  Software Flexes to Fit Your Business Process

  • Searchable Contracts by COTR, Contractor Name, or Contract Number

  • Automated Scheduled Tasks Email Reminder to COTRs based on contract start date

  • Keep score of contractor performance with cumulative numerical rating

  • Continuous Performance Tracking for the duration of the contract

  • Customizable Evaluation Form Templates for various Contract Types

  • Approval Workflow for COTRs and Contracting Officers

  • Improve Contractor Performance by timely performance evaluation

  • Generates PDF detailed report for each evaluation

  • Business Intelligence built in with Performance Dashboards 

  • Comes with Contract Workspace Portal (CWP) to track all awarded contracts

  • CWP can be used to publish Awarded Contracts for the Transparency Initiatives

  • PDF Upload feature for the Signed Award Document depository

  • Easily Integrate to existing Contract Award System with APIs

  • Separate Web Portals for the Contracting Staff and COTRs

  • Portal Administrators have an ability to update Contractor Evaluations (If Needed)

  • User Friendly Web Interface and can be access from any web browser

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